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Quienes Somos - JCSolutions

The origin of “J & C Solutions” begins with the company of its founders Estuardo Jo and Fermín Colindres in March 2003. The company name was formed using the first initial of their last names, hence “J & C” (Jo and Colindres) and with the view of finding solutions to the various problems of our community, hence the name “J & C Solutions”.

Ferín Colindres - J&C Solutions

Fermín Colindres

Estuardo Jo and Fermín Colindres met in the summer of 1997 when the Consulate General of Guatemala in Los Angeles, California represented by Mr. Rafael Salazar along with the ambassador of Guatemala in the US at the time “Excellency Pedro Lamport” convened a meeting with the active leaders of the Guatemalan community in this city. In order to make our community aware about the new immigration reform in the United States who had come into effect and its harmful consequences. Adding the social and economic chaos that would bring Guatemala mass deportation of our citizens.

From that meeting, a nonprofit organization whose name is GUIDE (Guatemalan Unity Information Agency), whose mission is to inform and alert the community about the democratic system, social status, educational opportunities and economic conditions in the United States was formed. Since founding GUIDE Fermín Colindres assumed responsibility for CFO (Chief Financial Officer) based on their corporate experience Banamex USA, California Commerce Bank & Citibank. Fermín also been part of COBEGUA (Benevolent Committee Guatemalteca) where thanks to its telethon could help Guatemalan children.

Estuardo Jo - J&CSolutions

Estuardo Jo

Estuardo Jo started in GUIDE as director of public relations based on their professionalism and charisma when making presentations and with it the responsibility to disseminate information as possible on all print media, radio and television on immigration issues in different media local and international.

After six years serving as directors on the board of GUIDE and executive responsibilities to serve the community; in March 2003, both took the decision to start his own company and associate to form what is now J & C Solutions.

Since then Estuardo and Jo Fermín Colindres are concerned that J & C Solutions offers high quality services and to meet the needs of our community based in Los Angeles, California. The staff available to J & C Solutions is the highest level of experience and knowledge in all its branches and 100% focused on customer service.

Thus the motto of J & C Solutions is “EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE FOR OUR COMMUNITY”. Motto jealously care and fills us with pride.

So in the name of J & C Solutions we will say “Thank you for choosing”.